There are a lot of misconceptions about waterdogs being used as live bait for bass. Because waterdogs eat fish eggs many people are under the impression  that waterdogs are harmful to the bass population of lakes and rivers where they are used. However, this is simply not true. Waterdogs have been used in Texas lakes for over 30 years as bait. They do not survive to reproduce, they all get eaten.

Fact 1:

Waterdogs can remain in the aquatic stage their entire life if the conditions are ideal. They can lay eggs in the aquatic stage or when they are salamanders.

Fact 2:

They are not natural enemies of bass as so many seem to think. They do eat fish eggs but not bass eggs. Bass build nests and protect them. This is why waterdogs are such an effective big bass bait. The bass eat the waterdogs to protect their eggs. In some lakes they just love to eat them all year long.

Fact 3:

In the wild there are very few waterdogs in areas where their are large quantities of bass or large bass. Trout lay their eggs in moving water and do not protect them. Waterdogs are often found in large quantities where their are trout. The trout eggs are unprotected and easy food for the waterdogs. It is trout eggs that waterdogs eat. Waterdogs also eat small minnows, worms, crawfish, and each other. 

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