Waterdogs are easy to keep. No air is needed, because waterdogs have lungs and can gulp air. They can be held easily for 30 days or more by placing them in ice chest in the shade and keeping the water cold. In order to keep the water the right temperature you will need to ice the waterdogs twice a day. Or if you have a spare refrigerator you can use it to keep them cool. As long as they are in a cold dark place they will loose very little body weight.

If you have some worms in the back yard you can feed them to the waterdogs. Or if no worms are available, you can cut up and peel some frozen bait shrimp. Small minnows also work extremely well as food for waterdogs.

However, if you feed the waterdogs, you will need to change the water from time to time to keep it from becoming contaminated. If the water turns cloudy it needs to be changed. It is a good Idea to change the water every now and then whether you feed them or not..

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